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Cheyenne Light, Fuel and Power Company - Open Access Transmission Tariff
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Section 0, Title and Table of Contents, 2.0.0
Section I.1, Definitions, 0.0.0
Section I.2, Initial Allocation and Renewal Procedures, 0.0.0
Section I.3, Ancillary Services, 0.0.0
Section I.4, Open Access Same-Time Information System (OASIS), 1.1.0
Section I.5, Local Furnishing Bonds, 0.0.0
Section I.6, Reciprocity, 0.0.0
Section I.7, Billing and Payment, 0.0.0
Section I.8, Accounting for the Transmission Provider's Use of the Tariff, 0.0.0
Section I.9, Regulatory Filings, 0.0.0
Section I.10, Force Majeure and Indemnification, 0.0.0
Section I.11, Creditworthiness, 0.0.0
Section I.12, Dispute Resolution Procedures, 0.0.0
Section II.0 Preamble, Part II Preamble, 0.0.0
Section II.13, Nature of Firm Point-To-Point Transmission Service, 1.0.0
Section II.14, Nature of Non-Firm Point-To-Point Transmission Service, 1.0.0
Section II.15, Service Availability, 1.0.0
Section II.16, Transmission Customer Responsibilities, 0.0.0
Section II.17, Procedures for Arranging Firm PTP Transmission Service, 0.0.0
Section II.18, Procedures for Arranging NF PTP Transmission Service, 0.0.0
Section II.19, Add’l Study Procedures For Firm PTP Trans Service Requests, 0.0.0
Section II.20, Procs if TP Unable to Compl New Facs for Firm PTP Trans Serv, 0.0.0
Section II.21, Provs Rlt'g to Trans Const/Servs on Systems of Other Utils, 0.0.0
Section II.22, Changes in Service Specifications, 0.0.0
Section II.23, Sale or Assignment of Transmission Service, 0.0.0
Section II.24, Metering/Power Fact Corr at Receipt/Delivery Pts, 0.0.0
Section II.25, Compensation for Transmission Service, 0.0.0
Section II.26, Stranded Cost Recovery, 0.0.0
Section II.27, Compensation for New Facilities and Redispatch Costs, 0.0.0
Section III.0, Part III Preamble, 0.0.0
Section III.28, Nature of Network Integration Transmission Service, 1.0.0
Section III.29, Initiating Service, 0.0.0
Section III.30, Network Resources, 0.0.0
Section III.31, Designation of Network Load, 0.0.0
Section III.32, Add'l Study Procs For NITS Requests, 0.0.0
Section III.33, Load Shedding and Curtailments, 0.0.0
Section III.34, Rates and Charges, 0.0.0
Section III.35, Operating Arrangements, 0.0.0
Schedule 1, Scheduling, System Control and Dispatch Service, 1.1.0
Schedule 2, Reactive Pwr/Voltage Ctrl from Gen or Other Sources Serv, 1.0.0
Schedule 3, Regulation and Frequency Response Service, 2.0.0
Schedule 4, Energy Imbalance Service, 1.0.0
Schedule 5, Operating Reserve - Spinning Reserve Service, 0.0.0
Schedule 6, Operating Reserve - Supplemental Reserve Service, 0.0.0
Schedule 7, LT/ST Firm PTP Trans Service, 1.1.0
Schedule 8, NF PTP Trans Service, 1.1.0
Schedule 9, Generator Imbalance Service, 0.0.0
Attachment A, Form of SA for Firm PTP Trans Serv, 0.0.0
Attachment A-1, Form SA for Resale/Reassign/Transfer of PTP Trans Serv, 0.0.0
Attachment B, Form SA for NF PTP Trans Serv, 0.0.0
Attachment G, Network Operating Agreement, 0.0.0
Attachment C, Methodology to Assess Available Transfer Capability, 0.0.0
Attachment D, Methodology for Completing a System Impact Study, 0.0.0
Attachment E, Index of Point-to-Point Transmission Service Customers, 0.0.0
Attachment F, SA for NITS, 0.0.0
Attachment H, Annual Trans Rev Req for NITS, 1.0.0
BHP JOATT Attach I, Index of Network Integration Transmission Service Customers, 0.0.0
Attachment J, Standard Large Generator Procedures, 3.0.0
Attachment K, Transmission Planning Process, 2.4.0
Attachment L, Creditworthiness Procedures, 0.0.0
Attachment M, Small Generator Interconnection Procedures and Agreement, 1.0.0
Attachment N, Real Power Losses, 0.0.0
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05/15/2015 Effective Change ER15-546-000
08/05/201410/01/2014 Superseded Change ER14-2589-000
10/01/201405/15/2015 Superseded Change ER14-2973-000
10/13/201208/05/2014 Superseded New ER13-119-000