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Southwestern Electric Power Company - SWEPCO Rate Schedules and Service Agreements Baseline
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20110513 Prescott PSA, Prescott Rev Restated Power Supply Agr Effective 20090101, 0.0.0
20110513 Minden PSA, Minden Rev Restated Power Supply Agr Effective 20090101, 0.0.0
Rate Schedule No. 111, Restated and Amended Rayburn PSA, 3.0.0
Rate Schedule No. 126, Bentonville PSA, 8.0.0
Rate Schedule No. 113, Restated and Amended ETEC PSA, 6.0.0
Rate Schedule No. 110, Restated and Amended TexLa PSA, 4.0.0
Rate Schedule No. 125, Hope PSA, 9.0.0
1 Rev FERC Rate Sch 127, Revised and Restated Prescott PSA, 1.0.0
1 Rev FERC Rate Sch 128, Revised and Restated Minden PSA, 1.0.0
20111111 Bentonville LA, AEPSC and Bentonville Sub I Letter Agreement, 0.0.0
Rate Schedule No. 119, Amended and Restated NTEC PSA, 6.1.0
Rate Schedule No. 129, ETEC and NTEC PSA, 7.0.0
Rate Schedule No. 120, Restated and Amended TexLa ERCOT PSA, 3.0.0
20120410 NTEC Griffin FA, NTEC Griffin Facilities Agreement, 0.0.0
SWEPCO RS and SA Baseline, Baseline - Rate Schedule and Service Agreements, 1.0.0
SA #707, SWEPCO-NTEC Sabine Delivery Point Agreement, 0.0.0
SA #706, SWEPCO-NTEC Scroggins 138 Delivery Point Agreement, 0.0.0
SA #711, SWEPCO-Ark Elect Coop Corp Potter Facilities Agreement, 0.0.0
SA 714, SWEPCO-Golden Spread EC and Greenbelt EC Delivery Point Agr., 0.0.0
Rate Schedule No. 25, Restated and Amended Operating Agreement Concurrence, 0.0.0
SA #728, SWEPCO-NTEC Walnut Springs Delivery Point Agreement, 0.0.0
SA #729, AECC Bethel Heights Facilities Agreement, 0.0.0
SA #730, AECC Northeast Texarkana 138kV Facilities Agreement, 0.0.0
Rate Schedule 305, System Integration Agreement Concurrence, 0.0.0
SA#731, SWEPCO-NTEC Bearcat Tap to Sand Hill Delivery Point Agr., 0.0.0
MBR Concurrence, CSW Operating Companies MBR Concurrence, 1.0.0
SA#743, SWEPCO-Tex-La EC-Entergy TX Facilities Development Agr., 0.0.0
SA#745, AECC Bates Tap Delivery Point Agreement, 0.0.0
SA#746, AECC Barite Road Tap Delivery Point Agreement, 0.0.0
SA #316, Cleco Robson Road Interconnection Agreement, 0.0.0
SA#757, AECC Farmington Tap Delivery Point Agreement, 0.0.0
SA#758, AECC East Fayetteville Delivery Point Agreement, 2.0.0
SA#760, SWEPCO-NTEC Cass Tap to Roach Delivery Point Agreement, 0.0.0
SA#762, AECC Avoca Delivery Point Agreement, 0.0.0
SA#768, SWEPCO-NTEC Hallsville S. Tap to Gum Springs DPA, 0.0.0
SA#769, AECC Wedington Delivery Point Agreement, 0.0.0
SA#774, Bentonville POD #8: SWEPCO Phyllis St. to Substation J DPA, 0.0.0
SA#777, SWEPCO-NTEC Brandy Branch Tap to Darco DPA, 0.0.0
SA#790, SWEPCO-ETEC E Burgess DPA, 0.0.0
SA#791, SWEPCO-ETEC Deep East Loop Contracting Services Agreement, 0.0.0
SA#792, SWEPCO-ETEC South Loop Contracting Services Agreement, 0.0.0
SA#793, SWEPCO-ETEC Wood County Contracting Services Agreement, 0.0.0
ExportEffective DateSupercededStatusChange TypeDocket#
12/17/2010 Effective New ER11-3563-000